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Change of mind...


After a long time i write...

Las time i say i lost all my info,so i began to collect things again, but then,my pc almost die again,it was very close, but my little things are fine... or at least, the ones i can collect again...

And then i say, it's time for meto see something new,and the i did what i say i never do... i began to see korean groups...
no misunderstands, i didn't dislike them, i just thought i didn't gonna like them,but then i meet:

and start to like them, so i see more groups like....

Super Junior

and well, now i'm into korean groups... or at least with some of them....

I do love Johnny's still, by the way, i can't believe Yonemura Daijiro left Johnny's :(
and i still don't see Imai Tsubasa dance and rock tour!!!!!! but soon....

Well, i'll try to be around here......

I'm so happy to see that Okamoto Kenichi is going to be in Shonen club premium!!!!!


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Dec. 30th, 2009 04:37 pm (UTC)
Hi there, and welcome to BLUSH♥BOYS [Ikemen no Sekimen]!
Just wanted to greet you~ ^.^

Look around, and post comments & BL-stuff~ and if you have any questions, feel free to ask ~.^

Please read and post a comment here:
If you don't, you'll get deleted... sorry, it's a check-thing ^.^'

~ Sincerely, Chrisa [HappyPurinsu] - founder of BxB [InS]

*Sorry about writing it here - but because of all the members joining lately, I have reached my limits about sending messages ^.^'
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