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 It's a shame i don't drink pepsi anymore.... jeje

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Jejeje  very nice ♥♥♥

     Bien, pues me toca subtitular una presentacion de Maximum (Uknow!!!!)  y una presentación de Shock (Beast) asi que... manos a la obra!!!!!!

Birthday Cake

 And it was my birthday... Again only  a  few people came...in fact only 5 persons but it's all right :)
There was 2 cakes, one for a bite and the other to my pleasure jeje ah... I LOVE MY CAKE!!!!!!!!

Cake!!!Collapse )
II didn't want to slice it but... it has to be done...
(no queria partirlo, pero tenia que hacerlo...)

Cake...Collapse )

And that was it, jeje I still have to eat Tsubasa up jeje
(y asi termino, jeje aun falta Tsubasa por comer jeje)

(Y otra vez paso mi cumpleaños... Otra vez vino poca gente, de hecho solo viieron 5 personas,pero bueno esta bien :)
Hubo dos pasteles, uno para la clasica mordida y el otro para mi gusto jeje ah.... Ame mi pastel!!!!)

Dec. 23rd, 2010

 Merry Christmas!!!

Everyone have a happy Christmas, I hope that all your wishes come true!!!

Have a New Year too!!! and please, be happy!!!!!


Titulo: Autocinema
Pareja: Yunho - Changmin
Raiting: No estoy muy segura de esto, pero no es apto para menores de 17
Disclaimer: Bueno, esta historia me pertenece, no los personajes solo el plot... Es la primera vez que posteo un fic de los que escribo(sin contar los de anime que de hecho solo son 3 o 4) asi que por favor tenerme paciencia!!!

 Como dato adicional, hay una escena muy explicita y quizas no es la mejor pero a mi me gusto!!!
Dedicado a Irady!!! Ella que me hizo un fic y yo prometi hacer uno de Homin y aqui esta!!


Había tres cosas que nunca le fallaban a YunhoCollapse )
Espero que sea de su agrado!!!
Se aceptan comentarios quejas o sugerencias!!

Nothing in Particular...


A long time!!!!

Nothing in particular, just to say... i'm going to have a new niece again!!!
And i'm happy, jejeje, hoping to be healthy!!!!

Tendre una nueva sobrina!!! estoy muy feliz por ello, en serio!!!
Espero que nazca bien!!!

Change of mind...


After a long time i write...

Las time i say i lost all my info,so i began to collect things again, but then,my pc almost die again,it was very close, but my little things are fine... or at least, the ones i can collect again...

And then i say, it's time for meto see something new,and the i did what i say i never do... i began to see korean groups...
no misunderstands, i didn't dislike them, i just thought i didn't gonna like them,but then i meet:

DBSKCollapse )

and start to like them, so i see more groups like....

S JCollapse )

and well, now i'm into korean groups... or at least with some of them....

I do love Johnny's still, by the way, i can't believe Yonemura Daijiro left Johnny's :(
and i still don't see Imai Tsubasa dance and rock tour!!!!!! but soon....

Well, i'll try to be around here......

I'm so happy to see that Okamoto Kenichi is going to be in Shonen club premium!!!!!



    Well, after a few months, i'm here again!!!

Ah, last time, i went to a comic convention, i haven't been in one like for two years, and i went to Mexico city, a bit far away from home, i went with my brother and sister, we were only two days away, and when we came back my pc was... dead

I last all my info, pics, mp3, vids, all...
it was hard, but i resigned, there was nothing to do, so i'm still sad because well... there was a lot of info..
but i can alwayas get it back... or have new stuffs...

in other thing, my little sister buy the V6 Vibes concert, limited edition qith Five discs, it's aweasome, last time we spend all sunday watching it!!!

Well i'll be around here!!!
And i'm very happy about this:

Resident Evil: Degeneration

In autumn 2005, an incident happens at an airport somewhere in a mid-western American city. Claire Redfield, now a member of a non-governmental organization that handles search and rescue operations regarding chemical and bioterrorist attacks, is sent to oversee the rescue operation. The plan goes awry when an infected victim attacks several others, causing the infection to spread quickly and starting widespread panic among the public in the airport. At the same time, a passenger plane makes an emergency landing, which fails and crashes into the lobby.

Meanwhile, an unknown terrorist holding the deadly t-Virus demands the President of the United States to unveil the entire truth of what happened in the Raccoon City disaster and the direct involvement of Umbrella. Leon S. Kennedy, one of the survivors from Raccoon City and now a government agent, is sent to the airport to command the Special Response Team. Together with Claire and an ex-SWAT police officer, Angela Miller, they and the rest of the special forces have to repel the zombies, find any possible survivors in the airport, and track down the bio-terrorist responsible for the incident within a 4 hour deadline or the t-Virus will be spread to every major city on the planet


Claire RedfieldCollapse )Claire RedfieldCollapse )


Leon S. KennedyCollapse )Leon S. KennedyCollapse )


This is the trailer, at least one of them, I've seen it  and i just have to said this, i'm happy, because i want to see this movie!!!
i just have to wait because...

Biohazard Degeneration Collector's Edition (DVD) Price: Yen- 4743, US$(48.7) Release Date: 17-Dec-2008

acording to cdjapan i have to wait one month... buth is okay i'll wait, i love Resident evil!! Especially Resident Evil 3, i played the firstm the second and the third, Resident Evil Code Veronica, well, i didn't finish it, but mi sister and brother did is (good for you!!)

Well, i think i'm going to see what happen next!!!


School Life

Well, here i am in school...

          Today i checked my kardex, (aka califications!!) and well i pass almost every class!! and at last i finish in december!! Two years of hard work!!!
Well, i think is too soon to say it but definetely i'm going to finish school in december!!!
I was trying t write a fic but i couldn't... it's just, i wanted to write a fic about Sakamoto x Nagano and i really couldn't... i need more inspiration!!!!!
Very happy for Okada new movie and for the PV of Musekinin Hero!!! i love it!!!

Well, i said good bye with a pic of Ryo-chan and one of Sakamoto-san!!!!!

Nishikido RyoCollapse )    Sakamoto MasayukiCollapse )

Happy Birthday!!!


            Because today September 26 is the birthday of Sano Mizuki-sama!!! Happy birthday to him!!!

Today he's 35 years old!! aaa, let's hope that he can have a good day!!

Happy birthday to all the people that had today his birthday!!  (and that include my older brother!!)


Well, a long time without write right???

   I'm happy, today Maru-chan would be in Shonen Club Premium!! (aka -Maruyama Ryuhei-)

But i'm more happy, because the next sc!! here is te schedule:

    Ueda Tatsuya

   Imai Tsubasa

   Sakamoto Masayuki

Well, i'm not too much into KAT-TUN (just a bit, and not much really), but i do love  a lot Tsubasa!!! and Sakamoto too!!!
Aaa, this make my day, now i'm leaving because i had to test my new game!! (SIMS university), let's see what the sims can do!!!

Thanks for reading!!

Nothing much

Well, here in the school doing nothing, really, i finish the homework and well, now i'm doing nothing, well, only waiting for the next class that starts at 21:00 hours, and well, just adding an entry jijiji

Well now i'm going to post two pictures of Yukihiro Awaji, L'arc en Ciel Drummer:

He was born in Chiba in November 24 of 1968, he was in a band named Zi:Kill and a band named Die in Cries before he joined L'arc en Ciel.
He meet Tetsuya for a common friend, they discover that they both love Neon Genesis Evangelion and that they had good chemistry.

Later when Sakura quit, Yukihiro was a support member and it was till 1998 when they release Niji that were decided that Yukihiro would be the new drummer.

I really love this guy jijiji, well, so little story!!
see ya!!


Hola, hace mucho tiempo que no escribo nada... en fin, postee un fic en la comunidad de johnys_mx y pues aprovecho para ponerlo aqui tambien, mi mente es tan extraña..... como quiera aqui esta el fic...

Title: En el corazón no se manda
Pair: Sho/Takki
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: Tackey, Sho y todos los demas personajes que aparezcan en este fic no son de mi propiedad, yo solo uso sus nombres para el beneficio de mis maleficos planes....

Jan. 14th, 2007


i'm here again with this:

isn't this beautiful???
i love ryo-chan so much!!!
btw sora_domoto give me this gift thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And for this time i say one thing:
Ryo is so wonderful!!! and finally see dream boys 2006 i must say it, the song that akanishi jin sang was so.... weird and so...
oh well i didn't think i say it one day but... i miss jin O_O it's just not fair...


Dec. 28th, 2006

Hi!! just starting here!!!!!
and i have to say!!
i love mizuki sano!!!
he recently appera in wonderbox in pnish with his little brother daiki jijijiji
he and tsuyoshi are very, very good friends!!!!
jaja just here saying random things!!!
ok, just saying hello!!! and love for many many artists in the world!!!

L'arc en ciel, kinki kids, kanjani8, news, tackeytsubasa, tenimyu, D-boys, kazuki kato, and more love them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!